Friday, January 11, 2008

A Classic- Princess Bride

Well today after Austin got home from school we decided to watch a movie with the kids and have some popcorn. We've watched the Princess Bride with them before but its been a long time. So we told Austin there was sword fighting and a pirate and told Sydney there was a beautiful princess. Well, they loved it and Austin thought it was pretty funny too!!! He loved the ROUS's too, he called them rat crocodiles....
I still laugh at all the same parts and totally have it memorized, but it still cracks me up.... a total classic!!! Love this movie... "Inconceivable!!!!", and of course my favorite "not to the death of, to the pain of" and love the description that Wesley describes.
Brings me back to the summer before sophomore year when my cousin, Alise and I literally watched it almost EVERY couple of days, maybe more. But this movie, is still a classic, and one of the greatest of ALL times.....


  1. Wendy....why am I just now finding your blog????? You've been holding out on me. Super, duper cute!

  2. Hello, lady! Miss ya! Remember Gin-Rummy by the fireplace and requesting songs on the radio until well after midnight :)

  3. Alise-
    of course ... how the heck do you forget the ongoing score keeping for a least a year of Gin Rummy!!! I think we left off close to 20,000 points or so... I still miss your mom's fireplace.


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