Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Year/ New Resolutions/ New Attempts to be a Better Me...

OK.... so I don't really stick to my New Year's Resolutions too well, but I haven't really committed to them all too well either, so that is practically my own undoing. So what do I do? I scrap my thoughts, so I'm scrapping what I would like to accomplish this year too. My main "ME" goals are (oh gosh, if I print them, do I have to commit to them??) are:
1. Exercise, eat better, drink more water, try harder to be better
2. Read. More than just a magazine, read some books and finish them
3. Organize my scrap area, actually put my pages in albums and keep my mess down. (At least it's only one room and not the whole house..)
This page was for the monthly contest at ScrapAttackScrapbooking, so Lauri there gave me the extra boost to actually make my goals and display them...
And most importantly was this second page I did for a challenge, where you hear a word and scrap it. The word is COMMIT... and at first I thought of a picture from our wedding, but then really got thinking and found the photo of me and Syd and the journaling reads:
"Commit. To being the BEST mom I can be, not the perfect mom, just the BEST mom to my kids..."
That is my #1 goal that I will be working on my hardest, so if I only get that one goal done, and I'm not ultra skinny this year, or finish the trilogy, and my scrap pages may never actually see the insides of an album.... at least I know I was there for my kids...and that's all that counts..


  1. What a wonderful goal...To Commit! I love it! Can I still it from you?

  2. sure Leah... steal away... I'll let ya.. LOL:)

  3. Cool pages!! Okay, so how do you get your pages like that on your blog? Do you scan them or something? I just started reading the trilogy on Saturday and I already finished the 1st book, can't wait to get my hands on the 2nd!!

  4. I am amazed at your creativity. I want to be like you in so many ways...

  5. OH MY WORD!!!! WENDY! IT"S ME HEIDI! Man, it's been way to long. Kim called me today and told me the funny story how she found out I was a photographer. I am so happy to know that you are also obsessed with scrapbooking. Are you entering something in for Hall of Fame? for Creating Keepsakes?
    Have you heard of ? It's where I post all my work. I'm known as the Queen_of_paper. Okay long story short. I'm so happy you're still alive. Hope to hear back from you. PS Jason says HELLO.

  6. YAY Wendi.

    Welcome to the Team!!!



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