Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well I finally did it.....

With many pushes, pulls, and some hair yanking... I finally got my blog up and going.. It was my 2007 New Years Resolution and so you can see how good I am at following up and finishing my goals... Well one year later, I am here, bloggin my booty away and good to go....

This year my resolution is to just fit in time to exercise.. Well today I was 1/1.. let's see what happens tomorrow right? I'm hoping to keep with it, so wish me luck and wishing ya all a very Happy New Year...

(May this bloody writers strike end.... hence Jeremy's work to continue.)

Till then.


  1. Happy New Year!!! I added Jeremy's blog and Kim's (she should consider herself lucky-just kidding Kim!)

  2. LOVE IT!!! Welcome to the blogging world my friend!!!

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  4. Congrats on getting your blog going! It's lookin' good!

  5. Hey Wendy cute blog! Now I'll be able to see all your fabo scrapbook pages, and get some ideas for my own!

  6. Wonderful pages on your blog! I loved them all. I'll be sharing your blog with family. They will love to see what you're up too!


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