Saturday, February 16, 2008

Late Valentines- But Lots of Love

Well since what I do is scrap, what better way to tell my family that I LOVE them. Made each person a page of LOVE and wrote 10 reasons why I love them soooo much. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and a HOT hubby and 2 wonderful, cute, funny and sweet kids- who I wouldn't trade the world for.

The pages of Austin and Sydney are part of my DT projects for Scrapattack and got to play with the SEI Jolie Chocolat line and the Scrapworks Love In Bloom line and the new Shimmer Shapes which are super yummy- full of glitter and bling!!! Yummy......


  1. Did you finish those all last night? I'm impressed. I hope to have half of your talent someday!

  2. What a good idea!!! I'll need to do that. I have in a sense but not for Valentine's Day pages.

  3. You are so talented. Your kids are so lucky to have you...and of course your hubby to.


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