Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What have We been Up to....

Well this last week and a half have been not the greatest weeks!!! And probably one of the worst that we've had in a long time. First Jeremy got the flu, then Austin came home from school sick- having that really bad flu/ cold thats going around, on top of a mild ear infection and some eye yuckies. Then two days later, Sydney caught what Austin had and they have both been miserable ever since. Poor babies, it has been soooo hard to watch them be so sick, I wish I could just take it away and make them better in a second. I can't remember the last time that we've stayed in the house so long, not gone barely anywhere, and watched so many movies..... Hopefully the doctor said they should be coming out of it and on the mend.....


  1. That first picture breaks my heart! I hope they get better quickly!

  2. Oh, they look so sick. Poor kiddos. I feel your pain being on house arrest. I'm ready to be committed if I don't get out of this house ASAP!!! I'm glad they are doing better.


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