Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Forward.....

Well with the whole time adjustment, today was a beautiful day with lots of signs of spring on it's way, and all I can say is that I am MORE than ready for warm weather, t shirts, flip flops and Capri's- BRING on the sun- please!!! We still have a small area of snow that hasn't melted yet in the front yard, and I am more than ready for the snow to go. After church today, we went out for a bit in the backyard, and I realized how much I missed just sitting out side in the sun, warm and relaxed. I even only had on flips flops and a tshirt, soooo nice. The kids played in the backyard, blowing bubbles, kicking around the soccer ball, and even built a birds nest- for which birds, I'm not really sure, but it was cute, esp the thoughtfulness that would want a ground nest on the side of the house...
Thought I would include some pictures that are a promise that spring is on its way.

Austin & Sydney's clover plants ($1 section at Target)
Finally got to bring out my flip flops today:
Austin kicking around the soccer ball:
Sydney playing soccer too, she is a great dribbler:
Bulbs sprouting up in the backyard, we have a TON on the verge of coming up, I planted them all the first fall we moved here, I'm always surprised they keep coming up:


  1. So glad you got some sunshine. I totally can't wait to break out my flips either. I stay in them until about November when it just gets too cold:) Austin and Sydney's clover plants came up quick! Enjoy your warmer weather.

  2. I can't wait for all the warmer weather too!!

  3. Cute toes! The weather has been great. Let's hope it lasts.


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