Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today is Green Day

Well in honor of Green St Patty's Day, yes I will be wearing green too. Thought I would add my green pages. The bottom one is of my fave color Green and all my fun green things, I think my fave is the sage green accent wall and entryway when you first come into the house. Love that color... it always makes me feel so peaceful.
The next page is from my challenge at the Scrapattack crop, do a page about why "YOU" are lucky and journal at least 35 words or more on it, so here is my journaling:

Lucky 2 Be {Me}:
so lucky to be married to a wonderful man,
so lucky for a wonderful, helpful & handsome son,
so lucky for a beautiful, sweet & precious girl,
so lucky to live in a gorgeous house,
so lucky to have health and strength,
so lucky to have faith in God & His Son,
so lucky to have a creative passion,
so lucky to be independent,
so lucky to have been blessed many times over,
so lucky 2 be me............... 3/2008


  1. I love your pages. I'm impressed that you fit so many pictures onto the last one!

  2. Great layouts! Green is my favorite color too!

  3. Love your pages!! They are awesome!

  4. I love your journalling, simply beautiful. You have many reasons to be happy and lucky.

  5. I absolutely love checking out your scrapping designs. They're amazing! I can't believe how many different things you come up with!


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