Monday, April 7, 2008


That's right, I said it, BIG TROUBLE... Well Jeremy has been letting the kids watch some of the Harry Potter movies, and they really enjoy them. They love the adventures and the magic of the movies, and think they are sooo much fun. Well the other night we were going to bring a movie over the my sister's house to watch with her kids, and of course they picked Harry Potter. well Sydney was holding it, looking at it, and then blurts out (totally out of no where)....

"I want to kiss Harry Potter on the lips...."

Who taught this girl this? Not me, I know she is almost 5, but hello!!!!! I am not ready for this, AT ALL.... Lots like I got a little hot lips on my hands... (wonder where she got that from)...
Maybe hanging out too much with Auntie Katelin... LOL:)


  1. Lol Wendi, you need to scrap this conversation on a layout. Lol

  2. Hmm... in a few years you'll be shining a flashlight on her while she says "goodnight" on the porch! I'm not sure if that example came all from Katelin!

  3. But does she sit and kiss her Troy picture from High School Musical???????


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