Thursday, May 15, 2008

Season Endings...


I really, really, really hate this time of year. You are totally addicted to your shows, it's sweeps and everything is soo great and incredibly intense, and then BOOM... season finale. Not cool. But tonight I'm watching all my shows. I seriously LOVE Thursday nights still. And even since the beginning, I am still an ER fan and love it.. All I can say about tonight's is WOW!!! is it next season yet? I have got to know who was in the ambulance. About the go watch the other two, since they taped from earlier. Totally love the sarcasm of the Office, and hello... Jim!! Plus, Lost, me and Jeremy can not get enough of that show. So glad there is another season coming, because I still have a lot of questions and want them all answered... Yup, Thursdays are good.....



  1. SO SAD that The Office ended last night... but it was FUNNY!! Some really good parts!!

    Lost was awesome too!! SOOO can't wait for the 2-hour finale in 2 weeks... but do we seriously have to wait 2 WEEKS????

    Can't wait until next season!!!

  2. I'm SO sad that the office finale was last night...what's going to happen?

    Hope you had fun last night!

  3. Loved the Office finale! Seriously Jim...c'mon already!! Hope you have a super weekend!

  4. I used to be right into Lost but I must admit with all the uestions, I losted interest. Lol

  5. me too!!! But now I look forward to my favorite summer shows: So You Think You Can Dance, and there must be something else!


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