Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sydney (my baby) turns 5 today......

Gosh it only seems like yesturday that I had Sydney, and that she was just a sweet baby in my arms... Sure as heck doesn't seem like 5 years already!!! That's right my baby girl, turned 5 today!! I can NOT believe, time sure does fly by. She has grown up so much, into such a little lady, such a girlie princess... All I can think is have I taught her right? Is she really ready for school? Will she always be this happy and carefree? and I hope all the answers are YES.... Today was such a wonderful birthday, by request, I made her a chocolate cake in the form of a pink butterfly... I surprised her and took her to McDonald's for her special lunch- not my fave at all, but her's and that's all that matters.... Soooo glad to be a mom to such a wonderful, sweet, and loving girl... Happy Birthday Syd....


  1. Happy Birthday Sydney!!!

    Wendi know exactly how you feel...Caden will be 5 in June and I can't hardly stand the thought of him going to school next least until I remember how quiet it's going to be. LOL!

  2. Great job on the cake !! Sounds like it was a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday to her !!

  3. Hope she had a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Birthday Sweetheart, hope you had a wonderful day.

    You are such a beautiful girl and I hope you were spoilt too. Lol

  5. Happy birthday! She looks so grownup. She's going to be a major heart breaker!


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