Saturday, June 14, 2008

Post #101................

Well I wanted to do something fun for my #100 post, but then I know everyone does that, so I decided to do something kinda different... Seeing as how I am such a huge Depeche Mode fan and have been listening to the 101 albums alot lately.... that is one concert that would been AMAZING to go to, but at the time I was only in junior high with no one to take me... but in honor of that... here is post 101.......and like Dave says... "Good evening, Pasadena"


  1. Hehe, congrats on your 101st post!!!

  2. yeah, Depeche Mode!! That concert was a blast. We need to hit up another concert as soon as $$ permits :) XO

  3. Happy 101th, I love reading your blog.


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