Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obsessed Now? Maybe...

And yet I am totally unashamed of my obsession... I can't stop reading the books, finished the other one this weekend and am almost at page 200 now in this book, oh my gosh, just freakin love them... that's why I put them off till summer, so I can pound through them. Then Aug 2nd the next one comes out!!! I can't wait. Jeremy asked if he should get it for my birthday, Aug 17th, and I gave him a look like he was crazy. I said, nope I am getting it when it comes out, and will finish it by my birthday.... He means well, but I can't wait!!! I gotta know what happens next, then I guess I will wait till December for the movie...


  1. I REALLY need to look into starting these!!

  2. I seen these books advertised in the Dymocks newsletter and thought I'd better get some soon and see what all the fuss is about. Lol

  3. SO what is the obsession about...I don't know anything about these...I can relate to pounding through books though...there have been several series that I want to read as fast as I can...

    Enjoy your books!


  4. never heard of them, but I think I need to find them


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