Thursday, November 6, 2008

Card Kick

This last month I was really on a card kick and getting lots done... I did my first ever picture card and even got it mailed off.. wonder who it went to?? well I have to say it sure feels good getting a jump start on my Christmas cards, not waiting till the last minute, which I've done in the past, so this feels great.

Christmas Cards:
Misc Cards:
Picture Card with pull out tags of photos:


  1. cute christmas paper! There's like NO christmas paper down here to choose from. I'm still hoping the shipments are coming. Scrapbooking stores are defintely a perk of ut!

  2. WOWZERS, such cute cards and so many of them! YOU GO!!!

  3. Love those cards, especially the "we love you" one

  4. Your stuff is so so cute! I love it.


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