Monday, January 5, 2009

My Sketch World DT layout

Just LOVED this latest sketch from Lucy at My Sketch World sketch site.. I haven't done a 2 pager in forever and was sooo excited when I saw this sketch. Here are some of the recent photos from out family photo shoot that we took, and was a great way to highlight all the photos from the shoot. This page is actually for my mom's family scrapbook that I helped get started a couple years back. Each Christmas and Mothers Day, each daughter adds a page from what they and their families have been up to, and then my mom can have lots of grand-kid photos and updated of what we are doing..


  1. Great job with the layouts, your mom will love them! I love the pictures in sepia!

  2. I totally agree - loved this 2-page sketch by Lucy!

    Beautiful layout Wendi!


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