Friday, February 20, 2009

Serendipity Crop- Retro Show/ Song Time Challenge

Right now, Serendipity Scrapbooks have their Flashback Crop going on.. and I am hosting one of the challenges.. The challenge is called "Retro Show/ Song Time Challenge" I used a song & a movie.. how cool is that for my title.. {Yellow Submarine} and yes that is me and my car.. My Austin asked who that was and whose car that was...totally made me laugh... But yes, this was my first car, belonged to my great grandfather, passed onto my dad, and then on to me. This is actually the last time I drove the car, as it was time to move onto the graveyard... it had seen it's day... But LOVE these American Crafts teen line.. WAY perfect for some retro photos...

**also check out the blog at the bottom there is LOTS of cool 80s music to listen to, you know I am listening!!**


  1. Oh, now this is SO COOL!! Look at you, hehe!!

  2. Okay that is so awesome you have a picture of that car! got any pics of the crusty rusty?


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