Monday, January 11, 2010

Hangin In Texas- a 20/10 Challenge

Yup.. here's the skinny on it- it's the weekly challenge at Croppin Paradise: My hubby and I have been having some discussion on how the new year will be pronounced. He says 20/10 I say two thousand ten.. So that got me thinking.. I have SUCH a stash of things.. I need to start using lots of it up..
SO for this challenge, I want you to use 20 of all one item (example: 20 brads) and 10 of another item (example: 10 flowers)... For my example page, I used 10 ribbon strips and 20 staples to hold it all in.

This was a fun photo from when I went to visit my girls Alecia and Andie in Texas last November.. the trip was a blast.. and you know I'm going back.


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  2. Wonderful challenge and layout Wendi.

    I say Two thousand and ten, probably wrong but it works for me. lol

  3. What a COOL layout, totally loving it girl! And I NEED that pic!!!


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