Friday, March 5, 2010

Concert Log Mini Album

Ok... so I admit it.. I'm a concert junkie.. I LOVE live music and love going to shows.. There is something to be said about music being played live.. and LOUD.. This past year, I went to quite a few concerts.. even two more that aren't listed. I just didn't have the pictures printed out when I made this mini album. I had also gone to Blue October and The Bravery shows. So here are the concerts I went to last year, I have to admit it was a GREAT year to see a lot of amazing bands play. I made this mini album from scratch, a post office box cut down for the covers, and then miscellaneous papers for the inside pages. I used alot of the Prima line which seemed very rock style friendly and perfect for the photos I used... I'm pretty happy with how this all turned out.

ColdPlay Nov 08
Britney Spear's Circus Tour April 09
No Doubt May 09 Depeche Mode Aug 09
The Killers Sept 09
Pearl Jam Sept 09
The Cranberries 09 Back of Mini


  1. very cute idea!! and two pages for depeche mode, i'm not surprised!

  2. I *heart* your mini . . . that is so cool! I love that you went to Pearl Jam . . .I love them!!


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