Thursday, April 22, 2010

Puzzle Swap

Over at Serendipity Scrapbooks, Julie started a VERY cool idea and swap with puzzle pieces. I have to say I had sooo much fun with this project. I was a bit nervous to start, just because I knew these pieces are going to other scrappers and going to be displayed in their homes, so I wanted them to come out just right. Each of us picked our own theme for our puzzles. Then you were given a piece of each other persons puzzle and created a piece for each person. Then the pieces will all be sent to you that are yours. So you will have a complete finished puzzle of your theme, done by 11 other people and 1 made by you. How cool is that?? So here are all the pieces that I created for each person. As you can see there are LOTS of fun themes, colors and embellies for each one. I can NOT wait to see my completed puzzle. (sorry the pics are not the best, they were taken at night)

CLOSE UPS of the puzzle pieces:


  1. These are really beautiful. What a unique idea!

  2. Ive done this before and its always great to see the finished piece.

    Your puzzle pieces look wonderful.

  3. These are SOOOOOO cool Wendi!! Each one is a work of art, they are so much fun to look at!

  4. Hey Wendy! I just realized that I did not recieve my puzzle pieces from this swap @ Serendipity. Do you happen to have Julie's e-mail? I have been out of the scrapbook loop for a while and totally forgot about the puzzle! Thanks for any info!
    Scrap-alicious aka Mel


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