Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Muse... A Recipe Challenge

This week the recipe on sketches by Tamara blog was brought to you............... by me!!!! I was soo excited to see the recipe I suggested up for the challenge.. It's a fun one, and can go girl or boy.... the recipe:
Rub Ons

3 things I love, rub ons, I haven't been using as much and I have alot of them, so I need to get back to using them.. But here is my take on it, some photos from the Muse concert back in April... which BTW was AMAZING.... a really great show.. hope you enjoy the recipe....


  1. looks like a fun recipe and great example too!

  2. That is a wonderful challenge and an AMAZING layout Wendi.

  3. Awesome layout! I love Muse but haven't been able to see them live yet.


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