Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sketches By Tamara- Journaling Challenge

This week's challenge from Tamara was sooo fun for the journaling challenge. The challenge: Journal about your vacation: More than who, what, where and when. But your thought about the vacation or a funny event during the vacation.
So for my page I did journaling about a trip we made to Cali, for just a concert. Of course we saw family and friends and always love a good trip to Cali, but when we heard the Cranberries were going to be in a limited release concert tour, about less than 20 cities, the tickets were $39, I mean how can you resist? It's a band that both Jeremy and I LOVE and had been waiting to see for a loooong time. So we got the tickets, had AMAZING seats and saw a great show. It was definitely worth the trip.. hands down.

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  1. Very cute card and layout Wendi!! LOOOOOOVE your stuff!!


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