Friday, September 16, 2011

Me: A-Z

I saw this done on Kristy's blog and thought it was really fun idea, so here it is... ME A to Z...

Here is a picture from my last birthday. Since Jeremy was out of town, I had to improvise and get my own cake. They only had chocolate, so I settled for some super cute white cake, Care Bears cupcakes...

A. age :: 37, I just turned it, in August

B. bed size :: Cal King... with Jeremy being 6'6 what do ya expect?

C. chore you hate :: Putting away the laundry, and cleaning the bathrooms.

D. dogs :: yup one cute beagle, Lily

E. essential start to your day :: cereal and eventually a Diet Cherry Pepsi

F. favourite colour :: greens,

G. gold or silver :: Silver, not super fond of gold

H. height :: 5 ft 9in

I. instruments you play :: Used to play the piano, and still can pluck away some songs, but wish I had kept up on it a bit more.

J. job title :: Mom and Wife, Scrapper

K. kids :: 2 and one lil bun in the oven due in December

L. live :: just moved back to Torrance, Cali

M. maiden name :: Hatter ( as in the "Mad" Hatter)

N. nicknames :: Wenders, Wen, Wendipooh, Holla,

O. overnight hospital stays :: 3. One of each child birth, and then one when I was 3 and fell off the stage at church and got knocked unconscious

Q. quote : Live life, Laugh often, Love deeply

R. righty or lefty :: Righty

S. siblings :: 4 sisters and I am the oldest

T. time you wake up :: 7:40 to get the kids up and going for school

U. university attended :: graduated with my AA from Cuesta College, from SLO, and the got into Cal Poly SLO, but left early to serve a mission, and date my future husband.

W. what makes you run late :: I realllly
enjoy sleeping in, in the morning. and getting everyone else going on time.

V. vegetables you dislike :: cauliflower, and quite a few others...

X. x-rays :: lots. For broken leg, broken finger, foot, chest xrays, and a few others

Y. yummy food :: Cafe Rio pork salad, nachos, shakes, cheesecake.

Z. zoo animal favourite :: Panda Bears, Kangaroos, Tigers, and the Giraffes are pretty amazing

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  1. This super sweet, and you guys are WAY tall, lol! I didn't know you were expecting, CONGRATS!


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