Sunday, August 26, 2012

Social Sunday

I saw this idea and thought it was pretty fun, so I'm going to give it a go today....

1. What is the first website you log on to each day?

Blog Reader

2. Give us some funny websites you visit that we need to know about

I don't really have any funny websites that I go to per say... mostly crafty, some baking, some   
fashion- very little, some this and that, and some friends.

3. Pinterest or Facebook? Why?

Both... I love seeing what everyone is upto on Facebook, but I really LOVE getting ideas from pinterest, it's helped my baking, cooking, crafty side...

4. Twitter or Instagram? Why?

Instagram.. I'm all about photos.. totally don't understand Twitter, not on it, don't need it.

5. Favorite youtube it!

still this one... old I know, but still cracks me up.

Id love to see it if you play along.. just post in the comments and I'll check it out....
Happy Sunday!!!!!


  1. LMBO!! that video is funny :)

  2. 1. First website: email, blog, FB, message board
    2. Don't really go on any funny websites much.
    3. Pinterest or FB? Both - for different reasons
    4. Twitter or Instagram - not much of either.
    5. Fav YouTube Video:

    (It's a parody of Tom Cruise on "Scrapbooking")

  3. This is sooooooooooo fun!! We have a lot of the same answers!! *wink* :)

  4. Great to learn a bit more about you! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  5. Inkjet Cartridge
    Great Idea and some funny work... That video about Obama is so funny....


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