Friday, September 28, 2012

Wedding Day Projects

Today is my lil sister's wedding day!!!!! I am sooo excited!!! she's the youngest in the family and is 15 years younger than me, and we have great relationship. For her wedding, she found LOTS of cute ideas on pinterest and I was excited to be able to help her create them.

First, this is a cute banner that will be hung behind them at the reception as they greet visitors:
Next we made this banner that they can hold, and take a photo with and then make into thank you cards for sending out to guests:
These are for the guest to fill up with at the candy station. We hand stamped all the tags and then Katelin has spray painted the clothes pins already:
We also printed these out, and Katelin had the frames already. The love bird tree is for decoration and then instead of a guest sign in book, they are doing a time capsule guest book that they will open in one year form their wedding date:
 These are the quotes that guests will fill out for the time capsule guestbook:
 I also made this fun banner for an antiqued suitcase so that guests can put cards or small gifts inside:
 Another fun banner:
These are for the candy jars, and they will be tied with ribbon around each jar for the candy they hold:
And these are ALL the fabrics that Katelin cut out to make the banner:
The banner is going to go ALL around the reception area, and it looks soooo cute!!! I did the sewing:

For the bridal shower, my mom and I threw her, I made this fun banner that she got to sit under to open presents, which makes for perfect photo opps:
I was in charge of the dessert, so I made two batches of cupcakes and decorated them with her colors:
(and yes there were GOOD!!!!)
And lastly, a party favor for each guest to go home with after the shower:
It reads "we are SODA excited for our big day. We hope that you will be there to help us celebrate Friday Sept 28th at 7pm. m&k"
I am soooo excited to finally see how it's all going to come together!!!! We have been crafty BUSY lately!!!You know I will be posted more pictures!!!!


  1. Darling!! Congratulations Katelin!

  2. Awesome projects! You girls have been busy!

  3. How EXCITING!!!! I absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all your decorations!!! The soda can is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  4. oh my these turned out fantastic!!!!!
    hope everything went smooth today :)

  5. We've both been wedding busy!! Our DD, Elizabeth is getting married next weekend. I hope it was a lovely wedding day for your sister. Your decorations are amazing!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  6. She's lucky to have such a crafty sister!


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