Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls

This week, I did it... I actually attempted and succeeded on making homemade cinnamon rolls.. I've been a HUGE lover of cinnamon rolls, well, forever... I always thought they were just too hard to make by scratch...

I pinned this recipe awhile ago and had been wanting to make them for quite awhile:

 So here is my attempt, and how they turned out....
The recipe was pretty dang easy, and not too many ingredients. This is my in progress of making the rolls:
rolling up the dough with the brown sugar and cinnamon inside:
 cutting the rolls into slices:
Ready to go into the oven:
Topped with cream cheese frosting:
seriously!!! YUM!!!!! we all drooled over them, every last bite. and it makes a big batch, two 9x13 dishes full of cinnamon rolls. Next time, I might add like 1/2 cup less of flour, but other than that, they were a hit!!!

I'm linking up with the Pinspiration Project #10!
Happy Baking!!!!


  1. yummy!!! love cinnamon rolls :)

  2. Oh my gosh - this picture makes me SO hungry!! Mom used to make these from scratch and they were SO good!!!

  3. Yeah!!! How fun that you made these for the first time. They look fantastic!

  4. I hope there are some left I am emailing you my addy! LOL!~

  5. I have made a similar recipe - but with some pumpkin pie pudding I had in my pantry. Definitely agree that they are sooooo good!

    Thanks for linking up to The Pinspiration Project! Hope to see you again Tuesday with another pinspirational project :)


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