Thursday, January 3, 2013

December Daily Part 2

Good evening....

It's been an ULTRA super lazy kind of day, and I'm lovin it... kinda sad that Christmas break ends this week and everything has to go back to normal Monday. I guess routine is good, but I kinda like being a slacker for just a bit.

Here is the rest of my December Daily Album... it's super basic, but focused on the journaling.

Day 16: Christmas Music
Day 17: Pixie Friends
Day 18: We Are a Secret Santa
Day 19: Secret Santa (ours)
Day 20: Soccer Party
Day 21: Baking
Day 22: Christmas @ Robinsons
Day 23: Christmas Decor
Day 24: Christmas Eve (Pjs)
Day 25: Christmas Day

So that's it.. my December Daily.. I was originally going to do all 31 days, but after Christmas I get a burned out using my camera, so I slacked after that... lol...

But I am happy with the end result, it's super simple, but the jornaling is there, and that is the most important. In fact, I'm kinda thinking about attempting it again next year too...

Have a good night...


  1. This is great! I can never manage to finish one, so I'm just in awe!

  2. Looks AWESOME!! LOVING all the photos and the journaling!!!

  3. This is awesome! Love all the journaling!

  4. more fab pages and i love your handwriting :)

  5. Love how you created your Dec. daily with the photos on one side and your handwritten journaling on the other!! ~ Blessings, Tracey


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