Monday, February 25, 2013

A Dinner: Healthy Turkey Pita Warps

Good evening...

Ok, I am SUPER sad that the Pinspriation Project isn't going on anymore with the blogs that I play along with!!! I was actually GETTING to recipes, trying new things, and having a blast playing along.. I'm still going to try and hold myself to trying something new from Pinterest each week and still blog it.. maybe that will be my Saturday post...

So here is my last one to play along with...
My find on Pinterest:
And here is what I created...
I have to say, these were SUPER easy and really quite healthy. I had recently bought a 4 pack of turkey meat at Costco, so I was really excited to see this recipe and wanted to try it. We had everything except the wheat pitas so I picked some up at the store. We also used light sour cream and added some mild Taco Bell sauce packets to them.
Here's the spread for dinner, I just added and fixed each person's as they wanted them.
The verdict, everyone at the table liked them!!!! SCORE!!! I'll be making these again forsure...

I'm linking up with Pinspiration Project #25
Have a good night...


  1. Looks yummy!
    We have been trying new recipes from Pinterest too and loving them! I am thinking about trying a crockpot chicken taco recipe for tonight.

  2. yummy!!! will have to try these :)
    you can always find new recipes and try them then email them to me.......... lol


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