Monday, April 1, 2013

could you BE anymore SILLY???? and I was highighted.

Hello and good evening....

Today is April Fools Day... it used to be a day I looked forward to and I LOVE to prank and joke, but 2 years ago I had received some very sad news on April Fools Day so it's been hard for me to get excited about it ever since. I'm always still up for a great prank and joke, but it's been hard for me to come up with them since then.

But up on the Practical Scrappers blog, today it's all about FUNNY and HUMOROUS  projects to bring a smile to your face.

Here is a photo of the kids and some of their cousins making SUPER lovely faces for the camera:
When you read the title, think Chandler's voice on Friends... LOL.. can you tell I still LOVE to watch late night Friends reruns???

**ALSO I was highlighted on the Glitz blog today for a page using Uncharted Waters for a page of Austin. I tried out for the Glitz/ Gossamer Blue contest.. I didn't win, but they highlighted my page!!!! Made me feel pretty special.:)

Have a great night...


  1. Well this definitely makes me smile and now I can't get Chandler's voice out of my head, lol. Congrats on the special recognition too.

  2. Congratulations ont he highlight, it is such a beautiful page.

    Love the goofy photo here Wendi, beautiful page.

  3. Fun page and congrats on being highlited on the Glitz blog!


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