Monday, March 31, 2014


Hello and good morning...

Happy Monday!!! It was a wonderful weekend,  I got to go up to the scrapbook expo and then stay with my sister for the weekend, so it was a blast.. but it's back home and back to the routine now.

Up on the Let's Get Sketchy blog, there is a fun new challenge for week 5 to play along with.
We picked pages from when we first started scrapping and then did a redo and showed up our updated styles.

Here's my newer page, I actually pulled pictures from the same trip and scrapped them. My husband and I took a trip to New Zealand and Australia back pre kids, all the way back in 2000. These photos were when we visited Cairns, Australia and went to the rainforest there. It was gorgeous!!

I realized afterwards I put the wrong year,  but I changed it (ooops).. and added some washi tape also:
 One thing I love doing is misting and sewing on my pages now, something I never did when I first started scrapping:

And here is my original page... (don't laugh)

***Also if you played along earlier with the EAD blog hop that helped linked up cards for Emma, make sure to check out Amy's blog for all the winners... you can see the post HERE. Thanks to all those that played along and hopped, it was for such a great cause.

thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!!


  1. You have come a long way baby! Love the redo!

  2. those photos look gorgeous!what a fun redo!I hope you had lots of fun at the expo!!

  3. What a great sketch idea!! I loveeeeeeeeeee this!!!!!! Loving your new and original! I am going to see if I can squeeze this one in this week!!!!

  4. Love seeing how much our styles and the scrappy world have revolved since then.
    Awesome redo,

  5. Love the redo! I have layouts like the pre layout too. I have redone some but I can't keep up with the new not alone redo all the early years!

  6. well your older page looks just like my pages :) lol
    both are fantastic to me!!!

  7. Fun! Sorry, but I did laugh. You have to love the way we cut up our photos back then! lol Love the sewing and misting!


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