Thursday, July 23, 2015

Influenster Loreal Ultimate Straight Hair Review

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Today I am sharing an Influenster Review of a SUPER cool product.. I received a box of goodies that included all the Loreal Ultimate Straight products!!! how cool is that!!! considering I am ALWAYS trying to keep my hair straight. I don't have naturally curly hair, I don't have cute waves... I have mainly mostly flat hair with some funny, random frizzes in it... hence I always need to straighten it.
You can find all the Loreal Ultimate Straight Products HERE on their site.

I received the full set of the new 4-step line:
Step 1: Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight – Straightening shampoo 

Step 2: Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight – Straight Boosting Pre-conditioner 
Step 3: Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight – Straightening conditioner 
Step 4: Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight – Straight Perfecting Balm

It's a four step process, but it's not a big deal at all... It's super easy and I don't feel like I spent any extra time in the shower or getting ready.
I took a before pic of my hair on a normal day, no straightening, just my funny natural wave, frizz. 

I hopped in the shower, using the shampoo to wash my hair. It was creamy formula and really easy and smooth on my hair. I am SUPER hard on my hair, working out alot, being outside and straightening it. So personally I LOVE cream formula.

Second step, add some of the Preconditioning Straighten Booster--- easy peasy.

Third step, add conditioner on my hair and leave it in for 1-3 minutes. Just enough time to wash down. The conditioner was really creamy and went on easy.

Fourth step, after towel drying my hair- add a dime size ( I did add a bit more, since I have pretty long hair) and rub. It smelled reallly good too- always a plus.

I blowdryed my hair and this is what I looked like, with just a blowdry:
(I forgot to put back on my glasses- opps since I wash my face and took  off my makeup) but my hair did feel smooth and soft

And then here is my straight hair after using my straightener:
honestly, it feels really healthy, soft and great....

Did I like the product???--- YES!!!
Would I use it again??? ---- YES!!
PLUS: It smells great and I didn't feel like I had a ton of product in my hair.

It's super easy and the true test will be tomorrow when I wake up and see how straight it still is, but anything that keeps my hair straight rocks!!!
(UPDATE: the next morning my hair was still straight and soft and no straightener needed for the day)
#Ultimatestraight was provided for me for free as part of a 2015 Influenster VoxBox. Thanks for the products, Influenster!

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