Monday, November 23, 2015

C. Booth Product Review

Hello and good evening...

Today I am sharing a review with you about a recent product that I tried out.
I received a coupon to try a free c.Booth product from Influenster, and I'm glad I did, or I probably would not have taken notice of this brand at all. It's not a brand that has ever jumped out to me to try, so I was glad I got the opportunity to give it a whirl.

I received a coupon in the mail from Influenster and just went down to our local Rite Aid and got to pick out one of the C Booth products of my choice and try it for free. I choose the All Over Sea Salt Scrub and was super excited to use it for my next shower time.

Here is the actual product:

I opened it up, and the smell was A-Mazing!!!!! sooo yummy and just a kick of Eucalyptus Oil in it for a pop in smell.. I had just worked out at the gym and was more than ready to get in the shower and clean up. I used the Sea Salt Scrub and was more than pleasantly impressed. It did really leave my skin feeling soft and fresh after I was done. My skin felt extra smooth and I loved the Eucalyptus smell too.

I will forsure be using this again!!! I kinda felt like I got to have a bit of a spa-like escape in the shower and felt amazing afterwards... Can't wait to use it again!!!!

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