Thursday, March 27, 2008

Austin is Sick Now

Poor little buddy, first me, then Jeremy.... NOW Austin woke this morning with a fever after coming home from school totally wiped out yesturday. This morning he woke up and said " I had a busy night, and it was sooooo long." I asked him what he happened, and he said, "well I got up a couple times, had to get a drink, had to redo my blankets a couple times, and then had some dreams... I had a long busy night..." I couldn't help but smile, it was sooo cute, esp in his snuffey nose voice.


  1. Weren't you guys just sick not too long ago? Dang, that's a bummer! I can picture Austin. That's super funny about his "long, busy, night." My kids would just yell as loud as they could from the other room for me to come wipe their nose. How cute Austin got up to try to take care of things himself. What a buddy.

  2. Hope he is feeling better soon, I had a giggle at his long and busy night.


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