Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Field Trip with Sydney's Preschool Class

Today was Sydney's preschool field trip, which I got the privilege to go on with her. Looking at these photos I can help but notice how long her hair is and of course in the last one, how tall she is... where'd that come from?? (Jeremy???) Well they went to Cabella's which is just about 5 minutes away, and they toured all the animals, the fish tanks, and even got some tokens to go shooting (the things they teach kids in Utah) - which Sydney had a blast doing, and loved!!! She even hit a couple targets. She had fun and Mckay (her b-friend) held her hand most of the time too, even though she is a full head taller then him (blonde boy in photo). But it was tons of fun watching her have sooo much fun.


  1. That's too cute. How fun. That's the really cool thing about Utah. They have A LOT of really fun things that kids can do! So fun you got to go along!

  2. p.s. How cute is Syndey's little pink sweater!! I can't stand it!!

  3. Sydney's hair is SO long! It looks like she had a fun pre-school class, and even though I live in Utah, It's totally crazy that the kids can learn how to "shot" guns!


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