Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Boy Pages

Got these two done this weekend, and one more, but am too tired to get it uploaded. But I am in a BOY scrappin mood... so gonna get them done, before I feel the sudden urge to bust into the bling, flowers, and girlie ribbon... LOL


  1. Your pages are wonderful Wendi, I love the tag/quote on th first one.

  2. You are amazing! We need to scrapbook!

  3. First of all, Austin is such a great little guy. Second, I just don't know how you have so many ideas. I can never do so many different things. Seems like I'm always doing the same old designs no matter what it is. You truly are so talented because of all of the different ideas you come up with. It really is incredible how endless your creativity is!! :)


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