Friday, April 25, 2008

Page for Austin

Sometimes I get wrapped up in all the fun, girlie embellies and paper, that I get carried away with pages for Sydney. So I am trying to do more boy pages and did this one for the AI challenge of Austin, and am really happy with how "boy" it us. Used some bubble wrap for the white paint to give it some "feel".... and this is one thing that Austin LOVES to do, ride his bike. He would ride it everywhere if he could..


  1. It looks wonderful Wendi, Im sure Austin loves it.

    Its so easy to do girly pages with all the flowers, ribbons and bling out so good for you to get more boy pages done.

  2. Seriously COOL page girl!!! LOVE IT!!!

    By the way... you've been nominated for the Arte y Pico Blogger Award. See my blog for details!!!

  3. Great idea with the bubbles!

  4. Very cute!

    So, Sydney really is one of the tallest in her preschool huh? Even her face looks so much more mature. Such a beauty.


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