Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Child's Play:Snoopy Sno Cone Machine

YEAH!!!! I have real internet again, and the home computer set up!!!! yeah!!! I couldn't be more excited!!

I am still unpacking and getting things done and settled around the house, but am excited to be mainly done with moving and getting situated. Here is the Child's Play challenge that was posted last Wednesday, I just had NO time to post it before the move.

The inspiration of the Child's Play challenge: Snoopy's SnoCone Machine.. sighhhh, I always wanted one of these things, and every Christmas or birthday that I asked for one, I never got it. 

But I am a huge Snoopy fan, so I loved the challenge, our family dog is a beagle, so that's where I came up with my inspiration for my page. Our Lily, is our own lil Snoopy dog.. This picture was of her a year ago January playing out in a backyard full of snow, she is sooo little...
I used an older Basic Grey pet line, which I've been meaning to use with some Lily photos. That lil doggie it too cute:
And those bone photo corners. I actually have sewn over those types of Thickers many times, but when I was making this page... pop!!! the sewing machine needle broke..So I had to get a new one and my sewing machine was out of commission for a few days.. but got new needles so we are back in business.
Hope you play along... I'm going to try and go through my google reader and sort of get caught up again on things.. hopefully!!! thanks to all of you who post, read my blog, and support my craftiness you all mean sooo much!!! I didn't forget about the RAK, I will get to it last one this week...
Happy Tuesday!!!!


  1. Awwwwwwwww... I used to have a beagle... I loved my Buddy!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your page!! LOVING the colors, the banner and that cute puppy embellie!!

  2. YAHOO!!! so glad you are all "hooked up" :)
    super duper cuteness girlfriend :)


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