Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A very FLAT page

ok... so I'm pretty sure I just made the FLATTEST page ever!!! seriously.. I'm not a flat scrapper at all. I LOVE pop dots, textures and usually tons of bling or buttons that make my pages rather bulky when I actually put them into my albums. But seeing as how all my scrappy stuff is packed up in boxes and ready to be moved, yesterday I had reached my breaking point with stress... tired of packing and putting together boxes. So I gave myself a time out to scrap!!! and I have to say, I came back very refreshed and ready to go. Thank goodness.
So here is the FLAT page I came up with. I just pulled out a kit and used what I had in the bag:
The pictures were taken last Friday at the Dodger game that we went to and had fun at. The kids loved it, esp Austin he was glued to that game!!!! It's really fun to watch him get ultra excited over it.
I added some doodling and washi tape on the page. I used two pieces of chipboard which were my only pop outs on the page!!!! I also covered up some of the people that were caught in the pictures in front of us with the Jillibean label strips, cuz well, they didn't need to be in the picture.. lol
I added lots of layered to make my page look less flat:
close of up everyone at the game and some distressing
Well today we start the move, and it's going on tomorrow also.. almost there!!! Hope you have a VERY wonderful day!!!!!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh I am in love!!! I loveeeeeeeee the bingo cards, the camera paper...just love it all!!!!

  2. Loved it Wendi! So glad you took a little time out to scrap!

  3. yahoo for crafty therapy :)
    fantastic page girlfriend :)

    hope the move goes smooth!!!!

  4. nice job, see flat isn't soooo bad:)

  5. Love it! I am eyeing your washi tape. I have a thing for it you know:) Hope you had a nice 4th of July and good luck with the move. Hang in there Girl!

  6. Your page is adorable. I love your doodles and the way you added dimension. Me? I get excited every time I make a flat page. I think immediately of how nicely it will lay in my album. No bulky brads to dent the protectors, no Thickers that will later end up at the bottom of the protector, etc. I love the look of dimension, but a flat page makes me happy. I embrace it when I can. :)

  7. You sure did embrace flat and create a fantastic layout!
    Good luck with the move.


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