Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MudHen Bars

I was super excited when I saw this recipe posted on pinterest I was soooo excited... it was yummy looking. I had to wait a week or so to try it, since I was out of mini marshmellows, but once I got them from the store, I was ready to go.

Talk about AMAZING!!!!! these bars were sooo good, AND it made a 9x13 pan of it. So perfect for hosting and you have company over, or perfect for when you are feeling like you need a dessert. They are both sweet and rich, which is the perfect combo, cuz hubby likes the sweet, I like the rich.

Here's the pinterest version:
 Here is the MudHen Bar source.

Here's what the pan looked like coming out of the oven, the top layer forms a crust and inside is gooey delicious:

Here's a close up of the yumminess:
And all served up ready to eat:
Everyone LOVED them in the house, and we had them warm from the oven!!! And the second night, they tasted just as good.

**just make sure when you are making the recipe to save the egg whites from the top half of the recipe when you are making the base, and don't throw it away like I did, because you will need it for the top layer.

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Try them out.. I'll tell ya, they are good!!!!!


  1. ha! put this up to tempt me away from my healthy eating.. The gooeyness looks sooo good though... xx

  2. Wow, those look amazingly yummy!

  3. yummy!!! might be good with icecream on top?? :)

  4. Yummmmm!!!!! ~ Blessings, Tracey



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