Monday, February 11, 2013

Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Coffee Cake


ok, when I saw this I was like..... oh my GOSH  I have to make these!!!! totally right up my alley.. chocolate, peanut butter, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups.... yup!!!

So here is my pinspiration:
My Pin.... Source....
When I looked at the recipe I was a bit worried... 5 eggs??? and a whole thing of sour cream?? a think of cake mix and pudding mix?? talk about heavy..... but actually it wasn't a super heavy dessert, it was AMAZING!!!
Here are my ingredients all mixed up:
 laid out in the 9x13 all ready to cook up:
When it came out of the oven it needed a bit more time.. the dessert was FILLED to the brim of the 9x13, so I actually poked some holes in it and then put it back in to cook a bit more, which was perfect, just about 7 minutes more or so.. and this was the final look with the Reeces on top and the white chocolate chip drizzle
and here's my piece:
FREAK, dang, good people!!!! It was super delicious.. and tasted even better the day after...
I am linking up with the Pinspiration Project #23

now get in the kitchen and make these bad boys!!!!


  1. That looks delicious! Thank you for linking up with us each week! :)

  2. this was YUMMY!!!! thanks for letting me be your taster :)


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