Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hi Card Tutorial

Hello and good morning...

Today I am up on the Apron String blog with this tutorial...  for my Hi Card that I created using the July All Year Cheer Card Kit
I used the Jillibean Irish Farm House Soup collection for this card.

First, cut your blue cardstock to 6x12 to create a 6x6 card:
Next, cut the Jillibean Sea Salt paper to a 5.75x5.75 square and distress the edges:
Cut the Jillibean Sliced Turnip paper into 6 - .75x5.75 strips:
Fold them over and adhere them together to create the base for your bow:
Next, you'll take the American Crafts Lemonade Stand paper and cut 6 - .75x4.25 strips:
You'll want to repeat the step of folding them over, and I used a stapler to adhere them together:
Lastly, you'll use the Jillibean Barley and cut 5 - .75x3.25 strips:
Adhere each layer together with a sturdier adhesive, like 3D glue dots or a glue gun, and stagger your now layers off of each other:
Next you'll want to cut the Jillibean Sea Salt into 3 -.75x6 strips and then cut the Jillibean Barley into 2- 1.25x4 pennants:
Mount the strips and pennants in the desired location onto the card base:
Used some glue to adhere down the twine, once you have it placed the way you would like it:
Then, used a glue gun to adhere the bow onto the top of it, add some twine to the Jillibean button center, and add your sentiment:
and there you go, you card is good to go...
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. 

Hope you have a great day!!!!


  1. Fun card and great tutorial!

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwww!! I am LOVING how you put that flower together!!! GORGEOUS!!!

  3. oh i LOVE that bow :)

    **thanks for the happy mail :)


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