Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Echo Park Wintertime

I don't know about you, but we just got some snow yesterday.. the first of the winter season. Luckily it wasn't too much, cuz I am sure not ready for it yet!!! At least get me through Halloween, and maybe even Thanksgiving.. But here are some photos of the kids sledding last winter... They are sooo excited and I have to say I was too.. It was my FIRST time ever sledding.. I used the new Echo Park Wintertime line which is sooo perfect for those snow photos.. I LOVE LOVE the big white swirls.. and you know me, I gotta cut them out!! and add some bling...


  1. Love these! My middle one was standing by the back door last night wondering aloud if he could make it snow by wishing. It is currently 18 degrees at my house - but no snow.

  2. love love it!

    congrats on the 40 lbs! that is awesome...did you do anything special or just work out? i have to say i look forward to my run everyday


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