Monday, May 21, 2012

Solar Eclipse

Yesterday, 5.20.12 was a solar eclipse. Our family was sooo excited, and we had it on the calender since we found out about it. Jeremy was super pumped and got the kids excited over it too.They've been looking forward to it also. Jeremy also crafted a pinhole projector to see the eclipse. We used it at first, but by the time we got down to the beach the fog had rolled in, so we actually got to see it with our naked eye!!! kinda cool, but towards the end, we weren't able to see it all the way through, because of TOO much fog that was coming in, that was kinda a bummer.
Here are some pics from the eclipse, this first one is with the pinhole projector, which worked really cool:
These next photos are of the eclipse, NONE of them are altered at all, down at the beach:
I have to say, it was realllly cool to watch it all happening. Here are a few more of the ending of the eclipse and it on the way out:

And that's what we saw!!! I know I usually do a blog post like this on my family blog, but I couldn't resist it and had to share with everyone.. Hope you enjoyed the photos, we should had a GREAT time at the beach watching something that only happens a few times in a lifetime, and I'm glad we got to be apart of it!!!


  1. i am so glad you posted these!!!
    awesome!!! :)

  2. What amazing photos Wendi, it would have been unreal to see it in action.

    Melanie H.


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